Castle Hill RC On Road

Castle Hill Remote Control On Road is a not for profit club racing 1/10th scale electric remote control cars.  Primary track venue is the Undercover Ring at Castle Hill Showground in a suburb of Sydney, Australia with racing on Friday nights.   Castle Hill RC has been in operation for 25+ years at the Showground venue. Originally operating as Castle Hill Raceway, the club name was changed to Castle Hill RC On Road in 2017.

Track is 700sqm plus extra space for pit areas and canteen facilities.  Surface is concrete painted with Boral Coat for added traction and is undercover with lighting.

Castle Hill RC merged with Whalan Model Car Club in May 2020 and is running electric club days and events at Whalan.  Track is located at Whalan Reserve in the Sydney suburb of Whalan.  Track is an outdoor 2000sqm bitumen surface with lots of pit space and an elevated drivers stand.


Covid 19 Related Information

Effective Jan 1st 2022

  • Masks mandatory at all times at Castle Hill as an indoor venue
  • Masks mandatory on drivers stand and when paying for entry fees at Whalan.   Masks are encouraged in the pits at Whalan and usage is at discretion of each individual
  • QR code check in
  • If unwell or may have been exposed to Covid, please do not attend



Upcoming Castle Hill Friday Night Race Dates

Friday night racing starts at 7pm.  Track is open for practice from 5pm.

  • May 20th
  • June 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th



Upcoming Whalan Race Dates

Sunday racing at starts at 10:00am with practice from 9:00am.

  • June 13th (Monday of Queens Birthday weekend) and 26th



Whalan Summer Surprise Series

Whalan Summer Surprise Series will be run over 6 club days from Feb 13th.  Dates have been adjusted with the wash outs at Whalan through March and April and series will run at Club Days through to June with the best 4 rounds counting towards the series point score.


  • 21.5 Touring Car
  • 13.5 Touring Car
  • 1/8th GTE



Race Classes

Entry level class for 4 wheel drive touring car with maximum power of 21.5 turn brushless motor, blinky electronic speed controller and 2s (7.4v) lipo battery.  540 brushed motor and brushed speed controller can also be used.


Formula 1
2 wheel drive Formula 1.  Australian National Rules published on RC Formula 1 are followed.


Sportsman 21.5
4 wheel drive touring car with 21.5 turn brushless motor, blinky electronic speed controller and 2s (7.4v) lipo battery.


Stock 13.5
4 wheel drive touring car with 13.5 turn brushless motor, blinky electronic speed controller and 2s (7.4v) lipo battery.

Both 21.5 and 13.5 classes follow EP On Road rules from RCRA


Tamiya Truck
– Legal kits: 58632 Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS, 58642 Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS, 58661 Buggyra Racing Fat Fox, and 58683 Tankpool24 Mercedes Actros
– Trucks and body should be built as per kit instructions.
– Kit motor and ESC.  ESC wires may be connected direct to motor.  Reverse disabled on ESC
– Allowed hop ups are bearings and alloy centre prop shaft.
– no locked diffs
– 1500g minimum weight
– Stick or Square pack lipos.  Max 8.4 volts. Minimal removal of stick pack chassis supports is permitted to allow square pack lipos to fit.
– Tamiya battery connector can be replaced with an aftermarket battery connector (eg: Deans, XT60 )
– Kit 19 tooth pinion can be replaced with an aftermarket 19 tooth 0.6 pitch pinion (eg: Yeah Racing MG-06P19T, Robinson Racing RW0619).   Kit 61 tooth spur gear can be replaced with aftermarket 61 tooth 0.6 pitch spur gear (eg: 3 racing TT01-28)
– Any Tamiya or aftermarket servo saver or servo arm may be fitted. Alloy servo arm/horn allowed.
– Aftermarket Truck Bodies allowed (eg: Bitty Design and ABC Hobby)
– No wings or additional aero aids allowed on bodies
– One fan to cool motor permitted. Max 40mm
– permitted to mix & match front and rear wheels on the truck






created by dji camera




Whalan 2