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Club Race Day February 14th, 2020.
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Registered to Castle Hill R.C. OnRoad

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Friday, 14 February 2020

Fastest Times of Day

Name Status Fastest Lap
Marc Brunker M 16.947
Grant Robinson M 17.179
Mark Mason M 17.273
Bernie Hennessey M 18.189
Tony Doherty M 18.361
Allan Kemp M 18.481
Sportsman 21.5
Name Status Fastest Lap
Chris Peet M 14.758
Bruce Seaton M 14.954
Simon Cox V 15.036
Scott Maher M 15.227
Shane Kenny M 15.371
Gary Egerton M 15.396
Daniel Hill M 15.422
Nick O'Reilly M 16.021
Dean Jones M 16.132
Larry Fuentes M 16.152
Tony Doherty M 16.176
Zavier Hill M 17.792
Hugo Wong M 17.971
Louis Wong M 18.367
13.5 Stock
Name Status Fastest Lap
Chris Peet M 14.192
Tony Smith V 14.219
Peter Wong V 14.398
Chris Milton M 14.580
F1 (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Mark Mason M 21/6m4.880s
Grant Robinson M 21/6m8.729s
Marc Brunker M 21/6m9.602s
Allan Kemp M 19/6m15.485s
Tony Doherty M 19/6m16.118s
Bernie Hennessey M 16/6m27.563s
Sportsman 21.5 (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Chris Peet M 25/6m8.446s
Bruce Seaton M 25/6m10.470s
Simon Cox V 25/6m12.208s
Daniel Hill M 24/6m8.215s
Gary Egerton M 24/6m9.873s
Shane Kenny M 23/6m1.409s
Scott Maher M 23/6m5.551s
Larry Fuentes M 23/6m6.894s
Dean Jones M 23/6m12.119s
Nick O'Reilly M 22/6m5.585s
Tony Doherty M 22/6m9.137s
Hugo Wong M 19/6m12.597s
Zavier Hill M 19/6m16.433s
Louis Wong M 2/0m40.477s
13.5 Stock (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Chris Peet M 26/6m9.713s
Tony Smith V 26/6m12.580s
Chris Milton M 25/6m4.052s
Peter Wong V 25/6m9.856s

Results of All Rounds
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Mark Mason (TQ) M 20/6m10.768s 19/6m2.429s 21/6m4.880s(1) 21/6m12.451s(1) 2
2nd Grant Robinson (Q3) M 19/6m7.794s 5/1m40.206s 21/6m8.729s(2) 21/6m22.707s(2) 4
3rd Marc Brunker (Q2) M 20/6m13.525s 20/6m10.896s 21/6m9.602s(3) 20/6m0.083s(3) 6
4th Allan Kemp (Q5) M 18/6m9.578s 18/6m11.779s 19/6m15.485s(4) 9/3m13.371s(5) 9
5th Tony Doherty (Q4) M 19/6m16.118s 5/1m37.735s 18/6m16.331s(5) 19/6m17.142s(4) 9
6th Bernie Hennessey (Q6) M DNS DNS 16/6m27.563s(6) 8/2m24.421s(6) 12
* Final dropped
Sportsman 21.5 A
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Chris Peet (TQ) M 24/6m4.582s 24/6m1.529s 25/6m8.446s(1) 25/6m10.007s(1) 2
2nd Simon Cox (Q3) V 24/6m11.797s 24/6m12.602s 25/6m12.208s(3) 25/6m12.258s(2) 5
3rd Bruce Seaton (Q2) M 23/6m6.840s 24/6m10.540s 25/6m10.470s(2) 24/6m10.318s(4) 6
4th Gary Egerton (Q5) M 23/6m12.939s 23/6m6.531s 24/6m13.161s(5) 24/6m9.873s(3) 8
5th Daniel Hill (Q4) M 23/6m4.777s 22/6m0.213s 24/6m8.215s(4) 23/6m3.578s(5) 9
6th Shane Kenny (Q7) M 22/6m0.945s 22/5m58.075s 23/6m1.409s(6) 23/6m9.702s(6) 12
7th Scott Maher (Q6) M 23/6m16.626s 21/6m11.550s 23/6m5.551s(7) 21/6m2.048s(8) 15
8th Tony Doherty (Q8) M 22/6m9.137s 22/6m12.132s 21/6m2.580s(8) 22/6m13.626s(7) 15
* Final dropped
Sportsman 21.5 B
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Larry Fuentes (Q11) M 21/6m6.854s 21/6m7.920s 22/6m13.746s(2) 23/6m6.894s(1) 3
2nd Dean Jones (Q9) M 9/2m32.263s 22/6m10.792s 23/6m12.119s(1) 23/6m12.159s(2) 3
3rd Nick O'Reilly (Q10) M 22/6m14.525s 21/6m6.453s 21/6m3.079s(3) 22/6m5.585s(3) 6
4th Zavier Hill (Q13) M 7/3m34.904s 18/6m16.993s 19/6m16.433s(4) 10/3m5.612s(4) 8
5th Hugo Wong (Q12) M 19/6m13.384s 19/6m12.597s 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 12
6th Louis Wong (Q14) M 2/0m40.477s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s(6) 0/0m0.000s(6) 12
* Final dropped
Sportsman 21.5 DNQ
Pos Name Qual Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Rob Nicol ???
* Final dropped
13.5 Stock
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Chris Peet (TQ) M 25/6m5.241s 25/6m10.843s 26/6m9.713s(1) 26/6m10.387s(1) 2
2nd Chris Milton (Q4) M 25/6m14.295s 6/1m29.148s 25/6m4.052s(3) 25/6m8.903s(2) 5
3rd Tony Smith (Q2) V 24/6m2.301s 25/6m11.049s 26/6m12.580s(2) 24/6m4.039s(4) 6
4th Peter Wong (Q3) V 25/6m13.557s 24/6m4.251s 24/6m2.342s(4) 25/6m9.856s(3) 7
* Final dropped